How to use my personal domain?

Once you have purchased your domain name, go to the administration of the host.

If you already have an email account you can keep it if we can help you set up a Google APPS account, you can also watch your host offers because most offer very affordable rates.
We recommend OVH.

Your domain must be configured to redirect the ICON6 servers, you have two choices:

Step 1.1 DNS: Connect all of the domain name on our servers.
Warning: We do not offer mailboxes services, once the domain redirected no longer points on accommodation. You must use this option if you use a solution like Gmail or Outlook and you have nothing to accommodate.

Simply fill in both addresses in your domain DNS management.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Step 1.2 CNAME + redirection: Connect only the domain of the web part to keep your mails hosted on your web host and the ability to link a subdomain to a part of your accommodation.

This is done with a redirect and a CNAME record for the domain name of the DNS zone in your host.

Most web hosts allow you to change very easily both.

1. Log into the account of your host and appointments in the domain's DNS management
2. Create a type CNAME, you can change or delete existing ones.

Subdomain  Type  Destination

3. Go to the redirection of your domain name and set up a redirect (empty at ovh) to

Type: visible and tick: overwrite the old configuration.

at o2switch
select permanent redirect (301) and check not redirect www.

Step 2 - Add the domain in your customer account ICON6

Connect to your ICON6 administration, appointments in domain name and click add.

Enter the domain and click save.

a problem ?

Do not see and you need assistance changing connect your field?

Feel free to email us at: or send this page to your web host.

This can take up to 48 hours for the changes to become active.
If your domain redirects to the site of ICON6, follow step 2 correctly.

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