How to optimize my site for Google?

Besides the optimization of the source code which is already integrated into our system, you can make these stages to improve your referencing.
The title of your site: the title must contain your keywords because it's a very important factor for your referencing in the Google pages.

The description: the description you entered, will be displayed again during the research under the title.
Try to use again your keywords, don't exceed 155 characters.

The keywords: retype all your keywords separated by a comma (ex:keyword1,keyword2,etc.)
Reminder: We advise you to personalize each page, go to the selected page then in the administration menu, click on parameters. "Category page > Manage"
Content of your page: you can also add relevant keywords in the text of your pages;put them on the top of pages . While using at the same time the title and the text of your pages, it gives better results.

Don't exaggerate, because it will be less relevant.
Now you have correctly typed your content, you have to submit your site to Google to be listed.

Start to add your website here:

You can also create links to other websites where the Google robots already browse to be listed.

The number of links, which redirect to your site, is very important, Google re-use these information to rate your popularity and, in that way, to take place more or less high in the listing.

You can ask your friends to link with your website or it is also possible to leave comments on the blogs in connection with your site. 

You can also run the blogging platforms like WordPress or you can blog to return your site popular.

Be sure to limit the shortcuts to ohter sites; the result is exactly the opposite in terms of profit.

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